Live Leaderboard – Points and rank updated live, star your friends to compete

Live Event Log – see every event that is awarded points throughout the match

Badges – See what badges have been earnt, and what skills have been unlocked. 

Summary – See your current predictions, live rank and points,

View Profile – Build your player profile and keep track of season points and rank

Information – See short walkthrough video on how to play

Notifications – This notification centre will store all in-game messages.



Keep an eye out for real-time messages. These will land in your notification centre in the game menu. You may be asked to invite friends, answer quiz questions, vote for man of the match and much more

*You will be unlock certain milestone badges for opening these messages and providing feedback.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I make player changes or Bonus predictions at any time?

Yes, you can make as many changes as you want. Keep a close eye on how your team is performing and make your selections accordingly.



We believe that 'hitting the woodwork' is worthy of points 


When will my teams official line up be available in the Call It Live® App? 

Due to regulations, team lineups wont be available until 90 minutes before kickoff.

Normally, the team line-ups will be confirmed around 60 minutes from kickoff. 

The app will update lineups regularly, so check for late changes.


What happens if I lose my Wi-Fi or mobile connection?

Points will continue to be awarded for all current selections. Your score and rank will be updated as soon as you reconnect to the Call It Live® server.


When will the leaderboard and my final point score be known?

All games are reviewed within two hours of the completed match. Games will reset to the next fixture after 48 hours


How long does it take for my selections to be awarded points?

For major game events, such as shots, goals and cards, you should have an update within one minute. For all other events, you should receive them within one minute once there has been a stoppage in play


Do I always need my Location Services activated?

No, only if you wish to be eligible for certain milestone badges.


Hints and Tips


Call It Live® should be played while you watch the game live, at the stadium, at home, or out with friends. Wherever you can catch the live match.


Create your own league by tagging (starring) your friends within the leaderboard.


Check out your Call It Live® profile to change your avatar and username. Your profile screen will also display your season information.


Check the ‘Live Events’ tab to see what real-time events are being awarded and where you are missing out on points.

 All events that are being awarded points for your team will be listed in the ‘Live Events’ screen.


Changing your selections before free kicks and corners can work in your favour, if you’re quick enough.


Remember to substitute players when they are substituted in the live match.

The app will automatically substitute players in real-time so you need to make sure your player isn’t being wasted on the bench


If you experience app performance issues, we advise that you update your device to the latest software available. If you continue to experience issues, please get in touch via info@callitlive.com